Envy Reaper v2 Bars

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The Envy Reaper bars are Flavio Presntis signature bars of this year. Flavio is definitely one of the greatest rail riders within the sport and he has many world first tricks beneath his belt. These new Reaper handle bars are very very light and are made of an extremely strong mild alloy. The front graphic includes an awesome looking grim reaper with a mix of artistic flair and colors, these bars are definitely one to buy now.

When it comes to buying bars, these are very much recommend, however they are not as strong as chromoly steel which should be taken note of. Steel handle-bars are stronger, but heavier. Aluminium bars are not as strong, but are much lighter and are perfect for learning bar spins as these black Envy bar are a lot lighter than most custom parts available on the market.

The Reaper bars are compatible with all compression types, SCS, IHC and ICS, however they will not fit HIC compression types. If you are running a SCS you will need to remove the slit and use a SCS clamp that fits oversized bars.

Please note there is a limited stock of the Envy Bar and Envy doesn’t get the stock back in regularly. They are priced to sell and when they are gone, they are hard to find. So if you are looking to create the perfect custom scooter that is super lightweight, these are the bars for your ride! This item does not come with grips, however you can see our full range of grips here.

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Season 2018
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Envy Reaper v2 Bars
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